Wednesday, May 28, 2008

busy bee...

it's close to the end of the semester for me so i've been drowning in finals stuff... a friend of mine is staying at my place as well, so i've been playing host...

hopefully this weekend i'll be able to update!

i haven't posted most of the monarch butterflies (the painted lady variety)... as well as new bunny videos....

again, tired and busy!

miss you all!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

we break the dawn

i love this song. it's great to blast and sing along to while driving.

i'm a little disappointed in michelle williams's hair cut. she looks like a 45 year old. i guess that's part of the contract, you can't look hotter than b. otherwise, the knowles family will take care of it.

she looks so old in this video... all that black is not good. that is, until she puts on her tina turner dress, and suddenly, she's pretty hot.

i've always thought that michelle was the prettiest of the three.

love the back-up singer with the holster top. HOT-ness.

michelle williams - we break the dawn

Monday, May 19, 2008

one of the cool kids

i decided to ditch two of my classes today.

instead, i hung out with the bunnies, chilled inside the house to avoid the heat (although school is air conditioned and my place ain't.)

i just had the end of my thai beef salad that phillip and i made last night. there are still some seasoned potatoes left which i'll have for din din.

alright, time to go to home depot and get some raid. the ants found some coconut pecan frosting that phillip dropped on the floor last night. damn it. i love animals and nature, but no ants, roaches, black widows please!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

the great escape

we haven't built the full bunny condo just yet because we're afraid that they might fall and get hurt if it's three levels high. so as of now, we sorta just have a pen to keep them in. for a week or so, we also attached wooden planks to the sides to prevent them from escaping.

now that they're older, we figured that maybe it's time for them to have a more scenic view from their villa. unfortunately, just as we removed the wooden fence, we looked over and two were already milling about on the OUTSIDE.

we normally put them back, turn around, and suddenly they're out again. it's actually kind of rare to see them escape. we decided to sit and just watch as they try several squares before choosing the "it" spot.

they are hella smart. and we love them. actually, we secretly love the fact that they're smart enough to escape cause we're proud parents. :) tee hee hee!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

painted ladies

apparently ana and i are known collectively as "the farm."

today, ana came home with two caterpillars! she told me they're called painted ladies and that within the next two weeks, they're gonna become butterflies.

i'm actually kinda excited now that spring is in full swing.

and i'm kinda happy that "things" are coming to us naturally.

so anyways, i thought that it would be fun to do something similar to my friend, diana's, blog called daily pokey, where she takes her little pokey figurine and photographs it at a different place in her life each day. it's actually more of a challenge i think.

mine will be called daily pilla... well, for about two weeks, and then they will be butterflies and ana said that one of her colleagues said, "you wait until they do the butt kiss" and then once they're knocked up, let them free to multiply.

my question is: how do you know we have one of each sex? what if they're both females or males? maybe they're like earthworms.... hmmmm.

anyways, enjoy! i won't be taking photos in different locals. i'm too busy for the next several weeks to put more effort than i already do for the six bunnies.

heart burn

i was making pasta for myself on tuesday and i accidentally dropped the lid of my pan and it hit me twice, which created a heart shaped burn mark on my left inner wrist.

it didn't really take form until today (wednesday) and now it's getting fainter as each hour goes by. it was bright pink this morning, which is when i should have taken the photo, but i didn't do it until the evening.

when i see it, it immediately reminds me of nan goldin's "heart-shaped bruise." it's probably one of my favorite photos. when i think of nan, i always think of that image, and then at a close second, is the photo of her boyfriend masturbating. you know which one i'm talking 'bout.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i went to meet up with debbie and karin at an asian restaurant tonight and then invited them over to meet the babies!

debbie and karin are totally in love! how can you refuse those twitching noses?

make a wish!

today was the one month birthday of the little bunnies. :)

we did a weigh in from the first week we brought them in and compared it to their one month weight. :)

the details aren't that interesting, but they're definitely growing into cute adorable fuzzballs.

here they are at their weigh in, kinda like matthew modine in vision quest.

Monday, May 12, 2008


first off, my digital camera is starting to act up. the screen turns itself off when i turn it on. and when i turn it off, the screen turns itself on... but the lens is closed.... so depending on its mood, i might not get to capture any footage... i'll try!

we're in the midst of trying to litter train the bunnies. so far, we've got them to isolate most of their peeing on one side of the cage. as i type this, lola went over to the litter box and totally peed. she's awesome! she's also the first it seems, to shed her baby hairs and grow a nice sleek adult coat? can she be considered an adult if she's still drinking milk? hmm... saul and ana noticed that her coat is totally different from the rest... we'll see how the rest do this week...

here's priscilla the beautiful running around and exploring the kitchen after a feeding! i think she's the softest of the group. she also looks the biggest because she's all white with super fluffy hair. i love her! :) she's offically the sneakiest one now that houdini is too big to squeeze through the square openings of the cage. priscilla can also climb the cage.... she climbed about 20 inches up in the air! and then she squeezed right through. we had to redo the cage so that she wouldn't be able to do it...

here's the awesome big ben running around exploring the kitchen after a feeding! he's slowly growing a white tuxedo patch on his chest! super cute!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

quickie movie reviews

speed racer

phillip and i went to go see speed racer last night.

it was an insane visual mindfuck.

we both enjoyed it. i think i probably enjoyed it more cause it was just COLOR COLOR COLOR. it was awesome. i absolutely loved it.

i didn't know anything about the cartoon so i didn't know the characters or the plot. everything in the movie is fake. it doesn't try to be realistic like the matrix trilogy. i definitely think it was shot all on a sound stage, like sky captain.

i definitely recommend watching speed racer... and if you really want to enjoy it, get high first.

capturing the friedmans

this documentary is INSANE. i remember hearing about it when i was in nyc and it was advertised all over the subway trains. i found it at block buster for five dollars so i bought it. we all watched it as a group and we were freaking out!

it definitely says a lot about how there really aren't any normal families in this world.


i got a phone call after a misunderstanding about my grad application to school.

i'm officially a semi-grad. that means i have some upper division classes that i need to take before they consider me as a full-fledge grad student. if my grades are good.

i'm happy about that.

it's sorta a relief after having such a terrible week.


i'm prepping my next mix cd. it's gonna be a nice relaxing one with some up tempo beats. i'll post it soon!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

when it shits, it diarrheas

i swear, i'm having one bad day after another!

i've been yelled at by a two people and my bank lady totally lied to me.

i need to pay my credit cards off and move back to new york city and avoid all the drama that is going on!

i even had a dream last night that was i a producer at my old job! and my boss was welcoming me back with open arms!


don't fall in love with a homo

honestly, haven't we all been there before?

johnny mc govern

Don't Fall In Love With A Homo

Saturday, May 3, 2008


i don't think i know what it means to be a friend.

Friday, May 2, 2008

little children

here are some more photos and videos of almost three week old bunnies!

ana and i are thinking that we should do some three week old portraits of them this weekend. it will be difficult since they need a bunny wrangler. they are FAST!

houdini and priscilla both can jump out of the plastic bin they're living in. sucio!

willow mouse running around exploring after a feeding. :) sooo cute! she's the runt of the group so she has less hair on her and sorta bald looking although she's really tough! she bites! she's also HALF the size of priscilla.

big ben running around exploring after a feeding!

houdini running around exploring!

houdini feeding!

lola and frenchie exploring after a feeding.

litter video!