Thursday, September 18, 2008

scary babies

my roommates and i went to target and were fooling around while waiting for my photos to develop at the 1 hour photo.

we went into the toy section and found these sensory activated dolls.


Friday, September 12, 2008

my new roommate(s)!

so i think it's settled. there's an opossum in my attic.

i don't know how many... but there's definitely at least one! last night, around 3:30am, it sounded like there was either a struggle between two opossums or it was giving birth to baby opossums! the noise was SOOOOOO loud. i was listening to real time with bill maher and i heard it over the audio!

normally i hear just very fast scurrying.... but last night, it was calling out for it's mama!

just plain cute!

so cute!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

take a look at this douchery

is there even a hipster fashion scene anymore?

i think i might have done some d.i.y. clothes like, cutting, braiding and safety pinning some of my tops, but i never really got into the scene.

american apparel is one of those stores that i kinda avoided just because i didn't think it was that interesting. some of the worst outfits i have ever seen have been in their fitting rooms. i think it's great that a dress you buy there can be altered to look like 50 dresses, but most of them are unnecessary and most of them look pretty bad. i will say that there are exceptions!

i find the most interesting thing about american apparel isn't that hey pay fair wages.... it's that their clothes make the thinnest person look fat. seriously, some girl who's a size 2 will look like a size 14 if you mix the right/wrong pieces together.

the only people i see rocking american apparel now are young college students who are trying to imitate the now aging original hipsters. my friend describes it as the "baby scene."

i think that's brilliant.

note so that i don't sound like a total douchey hypocrite: i do own two american apparel items. a plain white wife beater which was used for a photo shoot and then my friend diana, gave me a gray scarf recently. i will say that i do like their scarves... which are basically just long pieces of t-shirt.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

yeah, it's called a tailor

get yourself one lindsay!

seriously! that was offensive.

unless her titties are already sagging at her age....

here's lilo at the 2008 mtv vmas.

otherwise, it was a nice hommage to flashdance.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

scurrred shitless

there's something living in my attic.

i think it's either an oppossum or a rat or a squirrel.

whatever it is.. it's active in the early mornings... like around 3am to 5am ish... like it is right now... walking around above my head and scaring me.

whatever it is, i hope it doesn't die up there or have babies.

i'm scurred.