Thursday, June 26, 2008

stuff i want

i love walking down the clearance aisles at target and many other stores.

i found this lamp which i LOVE. i remember seeing it when it first came out and it was $80.00.... now it's $20.00!

i was lugging it around target while i was shopping for other stuff... and finally, phillip convinced me that i should put it down. so i did.

good bye ceramic lamp.

i will always sort of have you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

funny bunny

look at the bunny's ear! it looks as though someone dipped its ear in bleach and it lost all color!


i love the rabbit's facial expression on the right. i picked up that mofo and it scratched me hard times on my neck!

Monday, June 23, 2008


so i've decided to begin something new that will test me on my endurance...

for TEN years, i want to see how much money i find on the streets.

this is the first installment. :)

i went to go pick up brad at LAX and in front of the tom bradley terminal (international), i found a 50 singaporean cent coin next to the luggage carts.

good times.

phillip joked that 50 singaporean cents probably was worth 5 dollars cause of the exchange rate.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

hi, my name is butt. seriously.

i was in a nyc cab last year and i took a photo of my cab driver's id.

his last name is BUTT.

i was giggling the entire time.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

first week of school

this is the first week for me at my fourth college. i've been to nyu, f.i.t., pcc, and now csla.

it's summer and it's warm and one of my classes doesn't have air conditioning in the room... and it's full of computers. that's just weird.

when i walked outside, i got out on the wrong side of the building but i saw this view and it was pretty awesome. these are the times when i think that southern california is beautiful.

harold & maude move in

harold and maude have decided to move into my place.

specifically in the rafters of my car port.

i woke up one day hearing the cooing of doves through the window. i knew that if it was persistent, then that means they're trying to nest!

i went to see the rafters and bingo! there they are!

however, they had a realllllly difficult time creating the nest because the beam that they're trying to build the nest is made of two 2x4s with a 2 inch (i think) gap, so when they laid some twigs on there, eventually, the twigs would just fall through or blow over the side....

so after a day of trying, the doves disappeared... so i wasn't planning on posting this up... but then i found a small piece of wood that i was able to lay on top of the two beams so it's easy to build upon.

one day later.... more cooing in the morning!

i got up and went over to the nest area... and voila! a nest! and ONE GIANT BLADE OF GRASS! i didn't realize how strong those doves can be by flying around carrying a giant blade! obviously they couldn't fit it into the nest area so it's STILL hanging there (and it's been almost a week?) weird!

japanese funnies

i think it's funny to read asian restaurnt menus.

i started cracking up with phillip and justina when i saw the menu saying "bloccoli" instead of "broccoli."

here's also a piece of wasabi that i thought looked a lot like a hippo from the same restaurant. cute!

Friday, June 20, 2008

it's either me or her (mix) 06/20/08

FALL APART AGAIN - douglas armour

WHAT IS HAPPENING? - alphabeat


CHAIN - school of seven bells


DOWN IN THE BOONDOCKS - billy joe royal

I'M THAT CHICK - mariah carey

INTO THE NIGHT LIFE - cyndie lauper


THE HEALER - erykah badu

RESPIRATOR - lil' kim


ALCOHOL - millionaires


LITTLE BIT OF FEEL GOOD - jamie lidell

ALL THE TIMES I CRIED - sharleen spiteri

WE BREAK THE DAWN - michelle williams


WORK (FREEMASON'S MIX) - kelly rowland


would you still like me if i....

wear this while i drive?

i feel so old

millionaires - alcohol

from my friend ronnie.

daphne's vs gwyneth

i actually like eating food from daphne's, a greek chain restaurant. there's one sorta near me in arcadia/pasadena.

everytime i go there, i see this painting, which i assume, is of the greek myth about daphne whom i believe turns into a tree which produces the leaves that are made into laurel's (the crown of leaves you see in greek myths).

i however, cannot get over the fact that i think the painting makes daphne look a lot like gwyneth paltrow.

little bunny frou frou...

this is a bunny hutch ($250) that phillip and i are using to base our home-made bunny hutch!

phillip and i began cutting the two giant pieces of classic birch wood planks into the back and side and roof pieces. we also bought some 2x6s for the side support, and wood screws. we began on sunday (6/15/2008) before we headed off to send off debbie and karin.

phillip assembled the basic pieces on thursday (6/19/2008). i think it looks great!

our plans is that it will be three stories for the five bunnies we have! as you can see, they'll have plenty of room for awhile! :) hopefully they won't outgrow their hutch any time in the next 10 years! that's the runt, willow mouse sitting at the base of the hutch!

we're also planning to do a pen area for them to run around in the backyard when the weather isn't so hot. bunnies don't sweat! did you know that?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

what's happening???

phillip and i went to see THE HAPPENING tuesday night.

this movie is SO WEIRD. i enjoyed it though... but the entire time, i kept leaning over to phillip and saying "this is soooo weird!"

it is very much the same style as LADY IN THE WATER.

i think the sucky thing is that because of THE SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE, SIGNS, AND HE VILLAGE, people are expecting a twist/surprise ending in all this movies. do you know how difficult that shite is to make up?

i thought LADY IN THE WATER was good. not great. my top three are THE VILLAGE, THE SIXTH SENSE, and UNBREAKABLE.

marky mark is not good in this movie. his portrayal of a biology teacher was pretty bad. the script must have been written awhile back because one of the first things they talk about in biology class is the disappearance of the honey bees. i think they've figured out why there is CCD, colony collapse disorder. it's overworked bees, pesticides, and fugus.

secondly, i have never seen a movie where john leguizamo was bad... until THE HAPPENING. he's so weird in this movie! and he looks terribly old.

but the worst actress award goes to zooey deschanel. i have never really liked her in anything i have ever seen. i didn't like her THE GOOD GIRL, WEEDS, ALMOST FAMOUS, HITCH-HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, and ELF. i will say that i didn't mind her in FAILURE TO LAUNCH. oh my gosh, i've seen way too many movies with her in it!

her wide-eyed acting with that sorta quirky pausing while acting is reminiscent of jeff goldblum, but not quite.

the script is a little ridic. an army guy in the movie freaks out and the only thing he can say in an R rated movie is "cheese and crackers!"

this movie isn't epic. it's definitely rentable.

coco pac-nel

i find it hilarious when i see everyday people wearing a high end designer knock-off bag.

this one struck me hilarious cause they converted the double cc into pacman outlines!


girls gone wildlife

my friends debbie and karin just began their cross-country trek across america (los angeles to new york city) on sunday. i was lucky enough to spend half of that day with them before they took off!

we went to have vegan lunch in santa monica and then we held some ribbon up for them to cross to signify the starting-line of their journey at the santa monica pier!

it was pretty awe-inspiring and scary at the same time!

go check out their website and diary as they cross america to promote environmental causes as well as the world wildlife fund!

here's me on karin's bicycle. it was HEAVY with shit that they're gonna need during their trip like tents, sleeping bags, clothes, bike fixing supplies, first aid kit, maps, cameras, food, and stuff like that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mcdonalds vs starbucks : a sad story about the economy

for the last four years or so, i've been pretty much a regular starbucks drinker.

i was drinking a medium white chocolate mocha several times a week when i was stressed out at work, etc. the taste was the equivalent of a melted candy bar. justina and luke agrees with my comparison. :) after going to thailand, i changed my drink to iced vanilla lattes cause 1. the larger was cheaper than the medium white chocolate mocha 2. i didn't get migranes after several days without the coffees... which means it was probably less sugar and espresso shots... but i could be wrong.

lately, however, the economy is going down the tubes and so along with that, a bunch of the fast food discount places have decided to take this opportunity to do a one up on starbucks. cheap iced coffee drinks!

so i decided to try out mcdonald's iced vanilla coffees.

one thing that i found annoying with starbucks is that they have different names for small, medium, and large. one time i was in a rush and i went through a starbucks drive thru and said, "can i have a large iced vanilla latte." and the intercom lady said "you mean a venti?" and i was like "ummm, lady. i want a large, whatever you guys call it. a large iced vanilla latte." and she sorta went quiet. i apologized when i finally reached the window.

immediately, i knew that mcdonalds was also equally an asshole about drink sizes. i initially ordered a small iced hazelhut coffee. this is what i got from the intercom:

mcdonalds: we don't have small. we only have medium and large.
me: (pause) ummm, you can't have a medium without a small or a large.
mcdonalds: we don't have small. we only have medium and large.
me: give me a medium then.

weird right? how can you have a medium without a small? mediums only exist if there are two that flank it. mcdonalds, don't be a starbucks with your coffee names. you're mcdonalds, not pink berry's.

so after the hazelnut, i've been drinking more large iced vanilla coffees. scary things about it... the large cup sizes at mcdonalds DON'T fit in my normal car cup holders. I have one that pulls out for jumbo sizes and it fits there. ridic!

the good thing is that i rarely ever finish it and it's only $2.37 instead of starbucks's $3.85.

after many many many coffees... i highly recommend customizing your coffees... because unlike starbucks... each iced vanilla coffee tastes different. sometimes it's super watery, sometimes it's okay, and rarely, it's awesome.

soooo here's what you do.

order a large iced vanilla coffee with 8 creams. 6 creams is normal and will guarantee that it will taste slightly watery. they don't charge (as of now) for adding two more creams.

i would actually recommend 9 creams, but i may be asking for trouble with whatever that cream stuff is really made of!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Like To Fuck with Tila Tequila


i actually like something that has to do with my vietnamese bff, tila tequila!

I LIKE TO FUCK - hot rod ft b. dozier and tila tequila

my favorite lines in the song:

i like to fuck sexy boys, sexy girls
i like to fuck leather pants, jerry curls
i like to fuck, suck cock until i hurl
i like to fuck everybody in the world...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i can see it in her eyes

annie - i know ur girlfriend hates me

this is my new favorite song.

i love the choreography too. those scandinavians are sooooo sleek and modern!

Monday, June 9, 2008

sex and the city: the movie

so after the death of my beloved houdini, i took a shower and thought that maybe going to see the sex and the city movie would make me feel better.

i was right. i cried several times throughout the movie and i laughed several times throughout the movie.

it definitely made me miss new york city and i am even more close to samantha's character since she moved to los angeles and got fat. all that i'm missing is the next door neighbor with a giant uncut penis.

i highly recommend the movie to anyone whos'... well, anyone.

umm, yeah, my panties got a little moist

when i watched this video...

they still got some of the magic i remember...

new kids on the block - summertime

ghostly international album download (free)

this is a collaboration between adult swim and ghostly international, a record company. there are some great songs on here and its an entirely free download!

i'm very very very much in love with a former secret machines member's new band, school with seven bells (refers to an old pick pocket school)'s song : chains.

and i love love love it. it's a good use of the vocoder (think t-pain and snoop dogg's sexual eruption). cher, madge, brit have also used it...

it's super pretty that it really doesn't matter what she's singing although it would help cause i can't sing along with it in my car... i kinda go "chaaaaaiiiins. blah blah blah blah blah blah chaaaaaainnssss."

i highly recommend the download. some are more electronic ambient than others. some have a slight hip-hop tinge. there's also minimalist dj matthew dear on there. one of my favorite songs from him is called don and sherri. it makes me sing and dance the robot dance when i hear it. very much like mouse on mars and the fall's collaboration: von sudenfed.

sometimes it's a good thing to experience something new.

into the night life

everytime cyndi lauper releases a new album, i am in love with at least one song. madonna/whore was so great on an ep awhile back... and into the night life is a great great great great pop song that i would love to dance to in a club.

the video is kinda funny cause most of the muscle heads in the video are gay porn stars (i think....) there's one that has salt and pepper hair that was in a documentary about his struggles to leave the gay porn world with his porn boyfriend (by daytime, he's a nurse) to make it as a legit singer... but the sad ironic thing is that his manager (another former porn star) was having him sing songs about leather sex and harnesses... yeah, super mainstream right? only if you're nicole scherzinger or janet jackson.

cyndi lauper - into the night life

it's also a tad bit like madonna's nothing really matters video mixed with cher's believe.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

the great escape!

today, houdini the wonder bunny died. :(

houdini was known as the smartest bunny and was always the first to figure out a way to escape his cage. he was super-active and super-adorable with two white paws that made him look like cassius clay when he sat up and pretended to box!

today has been very very sad. he's been sick lately and the vet gave us some meds and gave him a hydration i.v. shot as well as some antibiotics.

the last time i hung out with houdini was around 3am when i was feeding him some fluids and his medication. we hung out and i told him i loved him. :)

i gave him a kiss and put him back inside his box with a heated water bottle.

i checked up on him at 7am and he was lightly breathing.

when i woke up 11am, phillip told me he passed away.

we just buried him with some flowers and a carrot. it was so sad. :(

we love you houdini! forever and ever! :)

here's a clip of houdini when we first brought him in! so adorable!

here's houdini having an after lunch stroll around the house. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

hole in my soul

i got my ears pierced at claire's last night at the mall.

i was as happy as a ten year-old girl.

justina and phillip were there to hold my hands while i screamed in pain. actually, it wasn't that bad. :)

obviously that picture isn't of me. sorry to disappoint!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i wanna be your boooooo

anderson cooper is a silver fox.

and i already LOVE donna brazile! and i also LOVE candy crowley!