Friday, March 20, 2009

the price is WRONG

ugh. this makes me NOT want to buy this diamond...

i'm not saying i could afford it... but this definitely makes me pretend NOT want to buy it.

i had to sit there and try to figure out how much that was. do you reallllllly need seven 9s??? if you add ONE PENNY to that... it's gonna be 100,000 dollars!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

doves 2009

harold and maude are proud to announce the arrival of sasha fierce!

i'm not sure if sasha has a sister yet... i think she just hatched very recently since i was looking at them the other day and she hadn't said hi to the world yet.

more pics hopefully before sasha spread her wings and flies away to eat worms... or whatever doves eat.

last year, harold and maude had two: vivienne and knox. i hope they're all doing well where ever they are. ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

like two snails passing in the night....

isn't this romantic?

i walked past them while at school walking to my car. hopefully no one stepped on them.

Friday, March 13, 2009

ha ha ha... brilliant!!! cheaters sometimes do win!!!

grounded love

one of my favorite contemporary sculptors is german artist, katharina fritsch.

the image with the people around it is her piece, but the version i saw at the matthew marks gallery years ago was made entirely of just mirror pogs (no yellow or black) in it.

it's weird, because if you think about it, all it is.... is just pogs in the shape of a giant heart.

but gosh darn it, i almost cried because i thought it was so beautiful.

when you are standing there in the quiet of an art gallery, it might tip you off of any type of emotional equilibrium you are on.

my friend dana a. says that when she finally saw the sistine chapel, she started bawling.

the only other piece that has ever moved me to tears is picasso's desmoiselles d'avignon. first off, i am always shocked at the size of any piece of art i've only seen via textbook. i didn't expect it to be HUGE... larger than lifesize. i sat there on the bench and just took it in.

during the rainy season in los angeles, my backyard went nuts. so in a fit of obsessive thinking, i decided to try and mow the entire backyard... it took me two days to reach the image above...

although i wasn't thinking about katharina fritsch's piece, i thought about it two days later and thought that was cool.

initially, i was gonna try and mow the word CRAZY like in the aerosmith video of the same name.

but if i were to do that, i'd need a shirtless farmer to help me navigate the turns... and i was like, too much time...

so i ended up with a heart...

i've actually re-mowed it so make it a little bit more easy to tell what it is... but i need a ladder to get myself on my roof so that i can photograph it that way before i mow it away... maybe.

it's probably nice for the ghetto birds circling my hood to follow crackhead dealers during drug busts... i wish i had access to it so that i could see my backyard topiary...

maybe if i leave it long enough, i'll see it on googlemaps.

pop culture vocabulary word


the cool term of the day is DATAMOSHING. this is how the chairlift video is styled. i love it. it reminds me of 60's model and sexy icon/artist, verushka.

and the second video of the night is:

bat for lashes - DANIEL

Daniel - Bat For Lashes

it's just soooo beautiful.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

absolut mango sex

click on image to enlarge.

i have been hearing great fun things about rupaul's drag race show.... so i decided to catch the first episode to see if it's worth it and i wholly agree. it is fun. i totally recommend it.

anyways, one of the sponsors of the show is absolut vodka, mango.

so every 6 minutes or so, there's a little mini commercial that goes on while it loads to the next part of the episode and i find myself staring at the ad... A LOT.

it's effective because it's so sensual. at first, i couldn't figure out that it was a mango. it was just too sexual and disturbing at the same time... and then once i realized what it was, it made me wonder why they would have used these images for their ad.

i mean, after all, it's a show on drag queens... wouldn't this work better on the spike channel? i initially took it to be very feminine... not gay.

i immediately thought two things: munch's the scream and a developing fetus in the uterus.... and then i thought georgia o'keefe because of the colors. it's so organic.

and then while i was collaging the images together to show you what i mean, i started looking at it again... and then i realized how GAY sex it was...

1. look at the positioning of the bottle... it looks a lot like anal sex.
2. the mango has a giant seed (sperm!). you use the phallic bottle to seed the fleshiness.
3. the word "comes" is exactly at the entrance of the ass.
4. the motto "true taste comes naturally" is sorta referring to bareback sex.

so i stand corrected. this is a very gay ad.