Friday, March 13, 2009

grounded love

one of my favorite contemporary sculptors is german artist, katharina fritsch.

the image with the people around it is her piece, but the version i saw at the matthew marks gallery years ago was made entirely of just mirror pogs (no yellow or black) in it.

it's weird, because if you think about it, all it is.... is just pogs in the shape of a giant heart.

but gosh darn it, i almost cried because i thought it was so beautiful.

when you are standing there in the quiet of an art gallery, it might tip you off of any type of emotional equilibrium you are on.

my friend dana a. says that when she finally saw the sistine chapel, she started bawling.

the only other piece that has ever moved me to tears is picasso's desmoiselles d'avignon. first off, i am always shocked at the size of any piece of art i've only seen via textbook. i didn't expect it to be HUGE... larger than lifesize. i sat there on the bench and just took it in.

during the rainy season in los angeles, my backyard went nuts. so in a fit of obsessive thinking, i decided to try and mow the entire backyard... it took me two days to reach the image above...

although i wasn't thinking about katharina fritsch's piece, i thought about it two days later and thought that was cool.

initially, i was gonna try and mow the word CRAZY like in the aerosmith video of the same name.

but if i were to do that, i'd need a shirtless farmer to help me navigate the turns... and i was like, too much time...

so i ended up with a heart...

i've actually re-mowed it so make it a little bit more easy to tell what it is... but i need a ladder to get myself on my roof so that i can photograph it that way before i mow it away... maybe.

it's probably nice for the ghetto birds circling my hood to follow crackhead dealers during drug busts... i wish i had access to it so that i could see my backyard topiary...

maybe if i leave it long enough, i'll see it on googlemaps.

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