Saturday, December 13, 2008

opossum revisited

remember when i told you about the opossum in my attic? well thank god phillip cut off the branches that touched my house so that it wouldn't climb into the hole.

it hasn't been in there since which is good for me. i don't hear these loud screeches anymore...

we have seen a lot of giantic droppings in one corner of my backyard next to the orange and persimmon trees. so we know that giggles (my nickname for now) has been around.

well, while cleaning out the bunnies for the night, phillip points out the fact that giggles was taking its midnight stroll on the fence between my place and the neighbors's.

i grabbed my camera asap and we did some photos. of course, this scared the shite out of it i'm sure. we cut up an orange and tried to feed it. it smelled it and then it just froze, or probably played dead, on the fence. and then after about five minutes, if finally climbed down the fence and disappeared into the night.

and then the other day, saul was walking to his car to go to jack in the box to get us all iced vanilla coffees, he heard something drop from the magnolia tree in the front yard and scurry underneath his car. this scared the shite out of him and he told me that something is underneath his car. i grabbed my camera and came out as it scurried across the street and underneath a car.

this is the resulting photo i got. there were cars driving by and i was in the middle of the street.

hopefully it wasn't stealing my soul with its eyes.

Friday, December 12, 2008

fun with craigslist

it's hard for me to ever take craigslist seriously.

i was looking at free stuff and someone put up a free bunny hutch in pasadena so i emailed and we arranged to meet at her place the next day. she didn't sound crazy like previous craigslisters that ana and i have dealt with. that story will come later when i have more time.

this lady's kid's bunny died several months ago (it was old) and she was like, "i don't want keep this around.."

so phillip and i took his truck and picked up this lovely free hutch that we think is worth at least 100 bucks and also an house cage that is worth 55 bucks!

everytime i see willow mouse sitting on top of her penthouse suite... i think:

i just adore a penthouse view, darling i love you but give me park avenue!

god, zsa zsa gabor and green acres was an awesome show. i miss it so!

willow mouse as a nun eating timothy hay

thank you craigslist lady!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

hanging tough

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you... LADY GAGA!

i have to hand it to her. she puts on a show. she's kinda second rate when it comes to style... probably because she isn't backed up by disney and jive records like christina or britney... but i will say she puts her all in her shite.

i'm kinda annoyed with the fact that my favorite lady gaga song, DISCO HEAVEN, isn't in the US release. only the british. DUMB.

maggie k bought me a ticket to see new kids with her at the nokia theater in los angeles. omg, it was LOUD. the shrieks that stephanie tanner used to do in full house, times 7,000. it was insanely deafening! but enjoyable. i didn't expect myself to jump up and down and scream like a girl at the first beatles concert or setting my eyes on michael jackson.

i hadn't jump like this since i saw hanson on david letterman.

how fine is danny wood? superfine.

so cute. these guys totally aged sexily.

this video makes me smile for the entire 3:44 seconds. and i have to say, i was never a donnie wahlberg fan but i have to say, he's looking fine as well. ha ha ha.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 years in the making

i finally got embarrassed and hung up my tord boontje garland lamp thing.

i bought it three years ago on santa monica in some cute home design store... and i finally hung it up in my mini hall area that divides into my bathroom, my bedroom, and my storage room.

and i'm pissed that i didn't hang it up sooner. it's so PRETTYYYYY.

Friday, December 5, 2008

dorothea lang's migrant mother


this is such an awesome story!


this is very nice.

i like lily allen. she's cute. i'm not a huge fan of hers via the tabloids, but i liked her first album alright. but i love the mark ronson collabo (thanks diana!) for "OH MY GOD."

lily allen - THE FEAR

Thursday, December 4, 2008


so there's been a big black dog spotted in my backyard. the first time i saw it was on thanksgiving morning at around 5am. i looked out my bathroom window as i normally do to look at my rabbit hutch... and in the pen that i keep the rabbits in during the daytime, there was something big and black and furry just moving around.

of course this freaked the shite out of me. and several seconds later, a giant dog... somewhere between a big labrador and giant st. bernard... goes over to the hutch and just looks at my bunnies... the bunnies were totally thumping (which is what they do when they're threatened) and i was like "AHHHHHH!"

i woke phillip up and said "there's a giant dog outside the house!!!!! and it's looking at the bunnies!!!!!!"

seriously, the dog was bigger than ana.

so phillip woke up from his sleep and the first things out of his mouth was "shit, that's a huge fucking dog."

and when it hear us, and also phillip turned on the backlight, it left.

two nights later, i heard the rabbits thumping again. so i sent phillip outside to check.

we didn't see the dog, BUT i had just cleaned out the bunny pen and so there was all this water on the ground... and THERE ARE GIANT DOG PAWS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HUTCH!

(picture to come)

so i've been hella scared of going outside at night now. like, if you know where i lived, you'd know that i'm alway worried that something/someone would be in my backyard. i've already found some guy in my yard once before.

so last night, i fell asleep without putting the bunnies in the hutch, so i woke up after 1am and did the hutch.

i probably finished around two. i heat them a hot water bottle to try and keep them warm in their hideaway room.

anyways... around 3am or so, i heard them thumping. so i looked out my window but i didn't see anything... but they would repeatedly thump.

i turned on the backlight and didn't see anything... but the rabbits were thumping.

so this morning when we woke up, phillip told me that everything in the turtle pond was fucked up. the plants were knocked over, the filter system was not working...

so i get out of bed and looked at the mess...

the other thing is that we have residents who live across the street from us and they are ALWAYS getting raided... so there was like, five cop cars outside... maybe a drug dealer ran into my yard...

anyways.. we saw a turtle so we're like, i'll fix it after breakfast.

when i went to start the clean up... i looked around and ALL I SAW WAS ONE TURTLE AND ONE FISH.

for those of you who don't know, I HAVE FOUR TURTLES AND FOUR GOLDFISHES...

i start freaking out. i tell phillip and saul that all i see is one turtle!!!!

so saul went outside and we FOUND ONE UNDERNEATH THE TRASH CAN HIDING!

i looked at my plants and noticed a giant bite mark as well as a claw cut into the leaf. it was that damn black dog!

so we have one healthy turtle and the turtle we found outside, is missing its right front leg. :(


the three giant orange goldfish/coyfish are gone. there's only one white fish left.


i'm so scared to be outside by myself right now! that dog is HUGE!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the circus is in town!

great hair, great nude top thing, great song.

britney spears - CIRCUS

prop 8 : the musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

music is my boyfriend

i've been on a heavy country music binge. the rule with my alarm clock is that it sometimes get's jostled and then the radio station will change. so when the dial is shifted, i am not allowed to put it back to what channel it was on. the closest channel that is clear gets to wake me up (try to anyways).

for the last several months, it's been on Go Country 105 in los angeles.

things i've learned:

country singers are realllly into one night stands

country singers are very patriotic

country songs make the most romantic/beautiful songs for that kodak moment

tim mcgraw is this close to replacing jeremy piven as the sexiest sonofabitch i've laid my eyes on.

rednecks are kinda sexy when they talk about hot rigging a tractor, soft curing a ham, and all that nonsense you don't really care about because you live in a metropolitan city.

their music videos are about one decade behind... sorry, but they suck. most of them. ;)

sorry this post has links and few direct videos. those country singers keep a right tight leash on their video usage... which i don't get...

this taylor swift performance is FIERCE. so flash dance!

taylor swift - SHOULD HAVE SAID NO


the judds - I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING

crystal shawanda - YOU CAN LET GO

taylor swift - LOVE STORY

luke bryan - COUNTRY MAN

brad paisley - WAITING ON A WOMAN (andy griffith makes a cameo in the video!)

brad paisley - ONLINE (this one has EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD doing cameos!)

there's more but i've realized that most of them are not embeddable. let me know if i should hook you guys up with more links. i know that most of y'all don't even like country.