Friday, October 31, 2008

oh imani!!!!!!

i haven't heard from imani coppola in AGES! and i'm so glad i was reading through a magazine and some lady said that little jackie is one of her current favorite albums... so i decided to youtube her and i find out that imani coppola and adam pallin are little jackie! i remember watching the video for LEGEND OF A COWGIRL and thinking "this girl is whack!" but she's so fun! i remember her playing the fiddle and dancing on top of the diner counter! memories!

the sound of little jackie is like 60's funk with some good kelis. she has a couple of good videos, but this BLACK BARBIE SONG is off the hook hilarious! ;)

little jackie - BLACK BARBIE

imani coppola - LEGEND OF A COWGIRL

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

meet the neighbors

so i'm convinced that one of the daughters that live next door (i'm not sure how many people there are in that family) is sneaking home at night into her room through my side of the fence. i've found a beach bag with sandals, suntan lotion, etc on the fence between their property and mine recently.... and last night, i heard a lot of heavy foot schuffling next to my bedroom window around 2am-ish. it was too heavy and sloppy to be an opposum i think.

i hope she's using protection with her harley riding goatee wearing boyfriend of hers (i imagine)! i bet you his name is probably weasel... or tiny.

Friday, October 24, 2008

thandie newton and ricky gervais

hilarious. thandie's a little too thin methinks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i'm not in love with a british artist

i've never really been a fan of artist sam taylor-wood.

when i think of her, i think of long panoramas of people in a room... very stage-y, very melodramatic, and very celebrity name dropping. oh, and that sad sad music video for elton john and his cd sleeve artwork...

i am mixed about her work. she's married to damien hirst's art dealer... so she's privy to so many celebrities and creative ideas... so when i see her work, i'm like, that's total nepotism. (on this note: she just announced her divorce to him in september)

i saw her video work called THIRD PARTY when i was in nyc and it's basically you as the third party watching other people, celebs like marianne faithfull watching other people at a party. sorta boringish...

then i saw her work again, this time nudes in weird triptych type style images. i did like this floater. there was a series of them.

i had actually forgotten about her until i just saw her new video piece for a song she sings "I'M IN LOVE WITH A GERMAN FILM STAR."

as usual, she had done her best to disinterest me in her work. too conceptual for me? but at the same time it's sorta lazy right? i dunno. i do feel like this has been done before (cliche, je sais) and she hasn't done anything to really give it a twist.


it does however, remind me of the blond redhead song, TOP RANKING with fellow artist, miranda july and directed by mike mills. the twist is good enough to keep attention for the entire song, unlike taylor-wood's.

TOP RANKING - blonde redhead

Monday, October 20, 2008

roisin murphy in nyc! oct 24th!

one of my favorite singers, roisin murphy is making her us debut in nyc on oct 24th!

i am sooooo bummed out! she needs to visit la or i need to visit nyc!


so sad!

if you haven't heard of roisin, you probably are wrong... she used to be in a band called moloko. they sang that theme song to great expectations called ingenue... it's a haunting song and unfortunately it's more creepie since gwyenth paltrow was in it. i kid.

anyways. i love roisin for several reasons. i think she writes the most cerebral disco flavored songs ever. an example is the song overpowered. the song is about oxytocin... the orgasm hormone... as well as the lactating hormone. that's so hot! another reason i love her so is that she rocks the gareth pugh couture shite like it's her second skin. and she dances.

i don't know if i ever posted her videos on here.. but i will now. these three songs are awesome! she also recorded a song with calvin harris called off & on which was amazing and was for the overpowered record but she ended up tossing it.. which is a shame cause i think it's AMAZING!




Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i am impressed

beyonce has always been such a bad dancer and now with about five years of practice, she's finally impressing me big time!

i love the song, the video is awesome with the choreography. simple, and much better than that get me bodied video which looked like a very long kahlua/alize beverage commerical....

i am excited to see what the new bey cd will be! all i know is that i ain't buying it until she rereleased 4 more times with 8 additional cds/remixes... like she always does.... sigh!


beyonce - GET ME BODIED (i dare to you watch it)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i'm in an art exhibition at the Hammer Museum in LA

hey everyone,

my friend just told me that he saw me in a video piece at the hammer museum!

i wanna go down there and see it for myself!!! who wants to go join me for some art viewing, laughing, gafawwing and maybe dinner? he told me that it looks soooo good on the big screen! yay!

lets go on a thursday since it's FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

otherwise, go with your lovers and friends yourself and gaze upon the amazing art of ryan trecartin featuring me!

fyi: i am in the first part of the film... the film is kinda longgggg. so if you hit it at the beginning, you'll see me (first hour)! i am in it for a good couple of minutes talking in a black leotard standing in a kiddie pool!

10899 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11am-7 pm
Thu 11am-9 pm
Sun 11am-5 pm

Regular Admission
$7 Adults
$5 Seniors (65+) and UCLA Alumni Association Members with ID
Free for Museum members, students with ID, UCLA faculty and staff, and visitors 17 and under accompanied by an adult

Free on Thursdays for all visitors

Closed Mondays, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.

hahahaha! i'm at the hammer museum!!!!!

Ryan Trecartin

September 10 - December 7, 2008

Ryan Trecartin's videos uncannily reflect his generation, which grew up using the Internet, digital television, and interactive video games. He mixes cheap special effects with absurd narratives in which he and his regular cast of collaborator-friends act out a sort of Lord of the Flies for the 21st century. He tells sad love stories and bizarre family dramas utilizing technology to heighten the action and reflect today's incessant information overload.

In his latest work, I-BE AREA (2007, 108 min) Trecartin weaves together several unruly stories with fast-moving, fast-talking characters that deal with such themes as cloning, adoption, self-mediation, lifestyle options, virtual identities, and larger questions of an existential nature. I-BE AREA screens in the Video Gallery on the hour, every other hour.

This exhibition is organized by Hammer Curator Ali Subotnick.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i don't think this is funny at all.

okay, first off, i am NOT a member of peta. i actually don't care for their tactics. but i also don't think this is funny whatsoever. is this male machismo at its greatest? apparently everyone thought that this was funny in the locker room.

alls i know is that i ain't laughin'.

Jets locker room is 87% stinkier since Brett Favre's arrival


That overpowering stench of death in the Jets locker room? Oh, never mind that. It's just a rotting animal carcass that Brett Favre stuffed into a bag and put in Eric Barton's locker. From The Fifth Down:

Favre is notorious for shenanigans involving lockers, and since his arrival to the Jets in August, the tradition has apparently continued. The latest victim? Barton.

Barton could not remember whether it happened last week or the week before. Nor did he know exactly what kind of dead animal Favre shot (presumably), bagged and dumped inside Barton’s locker.

Some teammates believe it was a wild turkey, but regardless, they all gathered around Barton’s locker and engaged in fits of laughter. The dead animal was inside a bag that was filled with blood and guts.

A wild turkey? That's not a bad guess. I think it was Ken O'Brien.

Whatever the unidentified murdered beast, I guess it's a good sign for the Jets. It's like that old saying ... you know you're starting to feel at ease around someone when you feel comfortable enough to kill an animal, put it in a bag, and stash it among their personal belongings. In his own special way, this is Brett fitting in.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

all summer long...

there's something about kid rock that is sorta sexy and sorta awesome. i can understand why pamela fell for him.

although this video is totally incorrect for a song about 1989... it has that dukes of hazards counry feel that makes it alright.

kid rock - ALL SUMMER LONG